Compass 2 Campus

Spring 2013 Orientation


5060 Sand Road

Bellingham, WA 98226

360 383-2050


Michelle Bohlke-Lead Mentor

I am so excited to start this quarter! Harmony is so much fun and I know you all will make it even better! Thanks for signing up, we couldn't do it without you all!

What do I do when I get to Harmony?

1. Sign in at the front desk in the main office

2. Sign in inside the mentor notebook (this is located behind the counter in the main office, you have to reach around the desk to grab it, just ask the secretaries to help you if needed!)

3. Put on your name tag!

4. Go to your assigned classroom and jump into whatever your class is doing! Take initiative and have fun!

What about when I leave?

1. Sign out at the front desk

2. Sign out in the mentor notebook

3. Fill out your contact sheet

  • Use first and last name of students (class lists are in the front pocket of the mentor notebook along with labled class pictures)
  • Include all activities from the day including lunch and recess
  • If you need to leave your classroom a few minutes early in order to do a stellar job on your contact sheet, do so! It is so important!

What is the dress code?

Always wear your Compass 2 Campus shirt while at Harmony. Non-ripped jeans are great, and you can never dress too nice! However be cognizant of your environment. You might be running in PE or playing four square on the playground! Wear comfortable clothing, but maintain a professional appearance.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory and super important! If you show up regularly, those kids are going to notice you and take you more seriously! However, life happens! If you are unable to attend a scheduled mentoring session you must contact ALL of the following as soon as possible:

1) Harmony Elementary School

2) Theresa Kingma, Cyndie Shepard, or Karen Marion

3) Michelle Bohlke (Lead Mentor)

You are only allowed one excused absence per quarter.

If absent, fill out an absence form (on Blackboard or in the mentor notebook) and leave it in the front pocket of the mentor notebook. Additionally, any hours missed must be made up!

Below is a link to the Mount Baker School District Calendar, if you are scheduled to mentor when Harmony does not have school, it is your responsibility to make up those hours. However this absence does not count as your one absence! It is excused, but needs to be made up!

Weekly Responsibilities

  • Email me a weekly describing your week at Harmony (I like brief but I love super wordy emails!) Please send me these by Midnight on Sunday
  • Mentor (and fill out all your paperwork while your there!)
  • Wear your Compass 2 Campus shirt while mentoring! Make sure it shows even when you wear a sweatshirt! (This is a safety issue, Harmony need to be aware of who we are!)
  • Complete your Blackboard Response question
  • Check your class syllabus for any due dates

Supplementary Responsibilities

1. Come to orientation (it's worth points for your grade!)

2. Go to your mid-quarter check in class

3. Come to a mid-quarter check in meeting with your Lead Mentor

4. Look out for TLA extra credit opportunities and other fun things throughout the quarter!

Michelle Bohlke

Lead Mentor