Sydney Opera House

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In the competition 233 people entered. Jorn Utzon wonwith his entery number 213.

The compertition opened in 1956 and ended in late 1956.The winner was announced in 1957 who was Jorn Utzon the 33 year old denish architect.

The many Architects that entered the compertition Jorn Utzons was the most unique out of all of the enteries.Originally his design was in the no pile but one judge pulled it out and said he liked the sail design.

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Jorn Utzon

Jorn Utzon was born in on 9 April1918 he died at the age of 91 in 2008.He grew up in Copenhagen.His entery made Jorn famous all over the world. one of the places he went was Morocco.In 2003 he was awarded the pritzker prize for architecture.

Quote by Jorn Utzon

"The idea has been to letthe platform cut through like a knife,and separte primary and secondary function completly. On top of the platform the spectators receive the complet work of art and beneath the the platform every preparationfor it takes place."\

Jorn Utzon 1965

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Interesting facts

  • Jorn Utzon never saw the finished product
  • 1796- Bennelong point was found
  • The tiles are made of precast concreat
  • He got the idea for peeling a orange then went to bed and drempt about the the idea.



The podium was finished and it cost $5,160,000 it took

5 years to make it.


It took 16 years to finished the Sydney Opera House and took $107,000,000


New cost estimated $33,630,000

History of the harbor

  • In 1796 captin Philip found Bennelong point.
  • Its ware salt and fresh water meet
  • It was an aboriginal meeting point
  • Used to be a tram shed