Multiplying and Dividing decimals

created by:Ashani Jayasinghe

How do You Multiply and Divide Decimals Everyday

Do wonder how you use multiplying and dividing decimals everyday...heres why!!!!!

When you're going shopping and you want to buy a bunch of clothes that are the same

price, you would have to multiply the prices. Then when your multipying you would think of decimals. So you would be multiplying decimals!

You will usually divide decimals when you're also using money. Say you had to share popcorn at the movie theater with your 5 friends. All your friends said they share the pay for the popcorn. If the popcorn costed 14.77, you then would have to figure out how much each person would pay. So you would be dividing decimals!

How to Multiply Decimals

i bet you are wondering how in the world do you multiply decimals, follow these simple steps and you will have just mastered multiplying decimals.

1.First you multiply the numbers normally and ex: 0.65

ignore the decimals 0.3

2.Then you count the numbers after the decimals ex: the answer is 195 if you ignore the

in the numbers you multiplied, so what ever the decimals.But when you count the

number is you move the decimal that many times. numbers after the decimals, and

move the decimal, the answer is

3. so you get the answer 0.195

if you don't understand just watch the video below.( even if you did understand watch video)

Multiplying Decimals