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welcome to the colonies!

colonial regions and states.

here we can see the three colonial regions labeled in yellow, green, and purple, as well as the states which they occupy.

colonial cities



James River

The James river is a gorgeous meandering, and twisting river that will provide days of fun, weather you want to go for a hike or go canoeing, the James River will have everything you want and more. be sure to plan your trips in advance and be well prepared for your stay on the river. A helpful tip to stay safe is to tell someone where you are going and when you will be back, this allows people to take early warnings to your accidents and keep you safe.

Hudson River

The Hudson River is one of the most beautiful places to see. this ancient river gets its sparkling water from Tear lake, which is located south of new york. if you like sea food this river is for you! it is one of the main sources for the natives and early settlers.

1. Explain British's purpose for establishing the Georgia colony and the Pennsylvania colonies.

the reason for the british establishing Georgia and Pennsylvania, was to serve as a barrier between the colonies of the united states, and Spain, and the french. it was also a place to hold the rejects from Britain, the very poor and ex convicts were a big part of their population.

2. Describe William Penn's vision for Pennsylvania.

William Penn's vision for Pennsylvania was that people could come there to be free from religious restrictions. William was sick of England and how they treated the Quakers.

3. What was the name of New York City prior to English control?

they called it new Amsterdam

4. How did the English divide up New York?

It was divided in its loyalties, after England took control.

5. Why did the English focus their early colonization efforts on the North and South Carolina's?

they focused their early colonization on North and South Carolina, because there were lots of plantations, and the land was good for farming, also there was lots of laborers.