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news over bestfriends and their trip to Florida 3/12/15


Livi, Jessie, Victoria and I traveled to Miami Florida. We rode first class there, took a limo to our 5 star hotel, and stayed in their best suite. In Miami we swam in the beach, played basketball, and ate the most delicious food. continue on pg. 14

Other Fun in Florida

Cooking Lessons

Attempting, but failing, Livi, Jessie, Victoria, and I tried cooking classes. Downtown Miami at a library there were free lessons around 5. We took cooking classes to try and learn how cook not wanting to spend all of our money on food, but knowing us we just made a mess. continue on pg. 7

Downtown Fun

Late at night after we played basketball and washed up, we went walking downtown. Downtown we mainly walked to places and looked in side stores not really buying anything. We actually did end up getting matching temporary tatoos. continue on pg. 11

Pictures of our Spring Break Trip