Adult or Minor

By: Hailey Edwards

Is the Punishment Right?

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 5:45pm

This is an online event.

17 year old boy has his and his 16 year old girlfriends nude photos on his phone an is being charged as adults in this crime. they are also being registered at sex offenders.


17 year old cormega has been charged with of felony exploration of a minor. He has both his and his 16 year old girlfriends nude photos on his cellphone. Mills is a investigator with crimes like this. she says this is a different case because these two teens were in a consensual relationship. These teens were both by law legal adults but are still being charged with possession of child pornography. The girlfriend agrees to a plea deal, while the boy faces five felony's and six years as a registered sex offender. Mills believes that the punishment isn't right. She says that " if he would have sent the pictures to another person without her consent then that would have been distribution of child pornography. Mills thinks that this will ruin cormegas life because hes going to be known as someone that is dangerous to his environment.


Do you think this punishment Is right?

Is mills right about her statement?

And how do you think this will affect this poor boys life?