Three Musicians That Changed Music

Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley

Johnny Cash's Big Idea

See Johnny Cash's newest idea! The song originally belonging to June Carter "The Ring Of Fire" now has been changed forever in a different version involving a mariachi band. Besides the song, Cash always had a simple type of music creating his fame. Simplicity always remained at the core of Cash’s music. His sparse “boom-chucka” accompaniment, borne of the musical limitations of his Tennessee Two sidemen Perkins and Grant, became an asset that along with his own distinctive bass baritone, gave them an identifiable sound”. (Kienzle) Like an acoustic guitar with some backup sound and a few chords simple. Beyond that and deeper into his career he recorded with other Country Artists. “In the 1980’s Cash had a varied career. He recorded a successful series of albums with Country’s “outlaws” Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon Jennings; the group took the name the Highwaymen.”. (Carlin)

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Buddy Holly's Trademark Act

“Charles Hardin Holley (born Sept. 7, 1936, Lubbock, Texas U.S- died Feb. 3, 1959, near Clear Lake, Iowa)” (Buddy). He started pursuing this act at the age of 12 where he became more interested in music. After forming one of the first versions of Rock and Roll or Rockabilly, Buddy bought a Fender Stratocaster and with it along with his band the Crickets created many hits like "That'll Be The Day" or "Peggy Sue" that were created originally from him and brought in more innovative ideas for Rock and Roll. His Stratocaster and ringing major chords made his music a most notable sound. Holly's music inspired artists like the Beatles who knew every Buddy Holly record.

These pictures relate more onto their trademarks like Holly's stratocaster, Elvis Presley's outfits, and Johnny Cash's ideas

The Iconic and Blonde Elvis Presley

“Literally millions of people an entire generation or two-defined their sense of personal style and ambition in terms that Elvis Presley first personified” (Marsh). Like Buddy Holly said above, Elvis certainly developed a building ground for artists to create their own sense of style, and along with that their personality. Bruce Springsteen who is also a well-known artist said “You did not have to want to be a Rock and Roll star or even a musician to want to be like Elvis”. Not only was he a musical star, but a soldier and an actor. His first performance or himself paved a road for generations to come of music, no one could forget Elvis.