Digital Citizenship Project

Brandon M. Period 3

Digital citenship

Using digital citizenship is really important. Without it the internet would be a bully zone. When having digital citizenship the internet is more safe. Ever since they made digital citizenship, a whole lot of new rules came. WIth it came was copyright that helped stop people from taking other people's things on the web. Also cyberbullying has started to calm down because more people are realizing that it is really rude and mean. Now with digital citizenship the web is safer and fun again.

Digital Etiquette

Rule 1: Etiquette

When online or in life you should always use this. Etiquette is when you respect your friends on the internet or your friends in real life. Also you have good manners and not talking bad to other people. This goes for making fun of them too. Lasty, when you use etiquette you are considerate to others on the internet or in real life.

Information Privacy

Rule 2: Privacy Policy

When on a website to buy things or do other types of things always look at the privacy policy. The private policy will tell you everything about the website. It will also tell about all the things that they might do to the information you gave them. They could sell it to hackers or even spammers to make sure you always get spammed.

Social Networking

Rule 3: Sharing

When you share make sure it is not inappropriate, mean, etc. If it is a bad photo it can ruin your life. If someone sees that you have posted a very bad picture you could be fired or lose a scholarship. If you are going to share a picture of something make sure it is okay with their parents or the friend.

Online Safety

Rule 4: Identity

Never give out personal info like your name, address or phone number. Always make sure it is okay with your parents when giving out personal information. Next thing you know it someone could be calling you or showing up at your house.


Rule 5: Cyber bully

Never be a cyber bully; A cyberbully can do bad harm on one person. A cyber bully does anything he wants to harm you. He can send mean texts to you or even get into a social networking site and post rude things about you. If this ever happens to you tell an adult immediately even if you think you have it under control. Being a victim of cyberbullying can cause severe headaches and nausea. Don't be a cyber bully!


Rule 6: Verbatim

When you are writing an essay and you cite evidence you are using verbatim. When you use verbatim you use quotation marks when citing from a book or website. Also when you are done with the essay and citing you should credit the author or the book. And use good transition words like according or in the passage.


Rule 7: Infringement

When using someone else's song or anything of theirs without permission this is called infringement. When you are caught doing infringement you can be sued for a whole lot of money, and that money will go to the owner. When using someone's work though doesn't mean you have all the rights to change it or do anything to it.