Student-Athlete Study Hours

Wilkes University Basketball

Background: Importance of Study Hall

Student-Athletes have an extremely busy schedule; juggling classes, projects, exams, practices, games, lifting sessions and a social life. It's important to have great time management skills and to stick to an effective schedule that works for you. Study Hall is a great opportunity for Student-Athletes to focus in on completing their school work.
Study Hall for Student-Athletes

Example: Study Hall & Study Hours App

Wilkes University Men's Basketball uses an app that is supported by Google Forms. The app allows for Student-Athletes to input their location, time started, time ended and work completed. Along with that coaches have access to the app and can track a Student-Athletes' study hall hours and academic progression.

Challenge: Coaches & Student-Athletes

We, as coaches and educators, have a duty to serve our Student-Athletes and to put them in a position to succeed. Often times we only look at achieving this goal through one lens and that is how can we help our athletes succeed on the playing field. That is only half of our job as a coach. The other half and lens we should also be looking through is how can we help our Student-Athletes succeed in the classroom as well. Study Hall is a great step towards getting our Student-Athletes on a successful academic path. I challenge coaches and Student-Athletes to create this app and give it a try; I think it'll benefit your program!

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