computer components


Alan turning

he was the first man to build a computer he invented it it wasn't a regular computer i was a code breaker he build this machine in world war1 he was working for he british against the nartze he built the machine to crake the cods between the nartzie in the subramen to the nazie base when they were comunicating they craked the code and is said "attack at noon"

how computer components connect

all the couter connect in a different way first what happens is you will have to put the optical drive and the hard drive in to the main shell of your computer after that you get you motherboard the ram, graphics card, intel cor and the inel fan will all connect to the motherboard when you have done that connect the motherboard to the main shell and make sure you have it in the right place you will know this because on the back of your computer shell the will be little slots make sure the motherboard fits nicely once you have done that you will need to connect the wires the but the shell cover back on when you have your screen you will need to connect a vga lead to the back of your pc and the back of your screen after that you will need to connect your mouse and keyboard to the usb slots on back of pc the you are done
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