self defense

steps in learning how to protect your self

how to take a single offender

balance is the base for your self defense pyramid with out the basic skills your protective pyramid with fall on you A.K.A. (a fist to the face)but to avoid this we pride our selfs on teaching the greatest ways to be safe and do it right

knowing your limits!

and once you get the attacker down never try to go head on fist fight the dude you only know defense your not rampage jackson so just don't do it!!!second in the middle of a attack protect your neck eyes face and private parts so this means create as much space between you and him don't go to him let him come to you!

mono e mono

if you ever find your self in a choking head lock move your jaw under their arm if you can to protect the air way but if this does not work grab the arm that is choking you (death grip his arm)and fall to your knee that is closest to him go down as fast and hard as you can in order to flip the attacker over your shoulder