About Direct Access

All You Need To Know About Direct Access

What is meant by Direct Access?Just a few years back, barristers were not allowed to accept cases or make contacts with the members from the public directly. People who wanted to seek advice or help of a barrister use to approach them via solicitor.

With the change in the law, the members of the public can directly access services of a barrister. The new legislation has made it possible for anyone to contact a barrister without first engaging with a solicitor.

How does it work?

Clients can contact direct access chambers to discuss their requirements. Whatever be the circumstances, client can expect to get proper advice and support. Most of the times a client will not require help of solicitor but in case it is required a barrister can suggest the best solution.

Advantages of direct access

It is quite inexpensive; contacting a barrister directly is not expensive. As the solicitors have been replaced by barristers clients now have to pay only for one lawyer against the two they usually used to pay. The main aim behind the direct access was to keep the legal cost to a minimum limit. Clients can directly instruct the barrister to do the work like drafting statements or attending hearing. The day to day case managements can be done by the client himself. This altogether can led to a significant less pressure on your pocket.

The members of direct access chambers have expertise in broad range of fields; from education law to property disputes, you can consult them for any trouble you are facing. Family law, civil law, employment law, criminal law and housing law are some of the fields members have broad expertise in. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual looking for legal advice or an institution/firm seeking a barrister for representation, direct access can always be helpful to you.

According to the public access rules; a direct access barrister can offer you services in following areas; Appeals, disciplinary proceedings, court hearings, civil claims, regulatory compliance, negotiations, legal document correspondence, litigation strategy etc.

How much does a direct access cost?

Barristers generally have a fee depending upon the work, so all the fee will be quoted once they have put their head on the details. The rate also depends upon the seniority and the expertise of the barrister you are going to hire. Generally the fee is agreed before the work is taken from the client. So, this helps the client to get a rough idea on how much this advice is going to cost him/her.

Direct access is helping the client to reduce the dependency on solicitor and is thus allows them to save significant amount of money, so more people are opting for direct access.