All About Me


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My Hobbies

Hobbies: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Trap, Snowmobiling, Dirt biking, Four wheeling, Fishing, and Hunting

School Subject Strengths

My School Subject Strengths: Math


My Values Are: Having a variety of things to do.

The Top Three Ways I am Smart

The Top Three Ways I Am Smart At: Working with different tolls, by entertaining people, and by operating machines.

My Learning Style And What It Means

My Learning Style And What It Means: My learning style is getting helped by others. Getting helped by others means to me that there is someone who is a good person and gives up there time to help me.

Personal Globe Inventory

My Personal Globe Inventory: My Holland code is IRC. My three career clusters that were picked for me are support services, network systems, and a engineer.

Job I Researched

The job i researched, including education needed and salary is a professional athlete. The education i need is Health, Fitness, and personal finance and the average salary is $166,400.