Night of The Twisters

BY: Ivy Ruckman



Grand Island Nebraska , Dan's house is the setting of the book. In Nebraska the state bird is the Western Meadowlark, a famous land mark is Chimmy rock , and some agricultural products are corn, beef, and milk.


Dan, Stacy, Arthur, Dans' mom, Dans' dad, Aunt Goldie, Ms.Smiley, Minerva the cat, Minerva the cat 2, Grandma Hatch, Grandpa Hatch, and Officer Kelly.

Night of The Twisters

Night of The Twisters

problem and solution

Dan and Arthur were home alone during a tornado.they went to the basement to stay safe and once they got to the basement and the tornado hit they had to hide in the bathroom then the windows shadared and they had to climb in the shower with the water rising.

The kids wanted to help Mrs. Smiley who was trapped in her house.So they helped her get out of her basement and to safety wich was at Kmart but first they had to get a couch and drag it over to the window to use its springs to bounce out of the window and they had to test it and it worked so they used it to get Ms. Smiley out of her basement.


At the beginning of Night of the twisters, Danny won a new bike and then went home to his house with his friend Arther then they herd tornado sirens and mom went to go see Ms.Smiley to make sure that Ms. Smiley was prepared just in case she wasn't but before she left she told Dan and Arther that they need to go get Ryan,Dans baby brother and go to the basement. In the middle of the book Stacy found Dan, Arther, and Ryan hidding in the bathroom shower in the basement. Then they managed to get our of Dan's basement and tried to go to Kmart but the road was blocked. The boys spent the night in the armory. The next day the boys found their families. At the end everyone house was destroyed and they rebuilt and people moved back.