RPEMS Band Update


Physical Night February 24, 2016

NEW: Physical Required for Marching Band

New for the 2016-2017 school year, all students in Marching Band will be required to have a physical on file with the school district. The physical must be dated February 1, 2015 or later to be considered valid by MSHSAA for next school year.

Ray-Pec is offering a Physical Night on February 24th between 6-9pm at the South HS gym. The cost is $15.

Make sure to complete the physical form available on the school district website's athletic page.


Mattress Sale -- For Band Students & Band Program

The 2nd Annual Mattress Sale

Where: Eagle Glen Intermediate Gym

Date: March 12, 2016

Time: 10am to 5pm

Band Students Can Receive Money for their HS Band Accounts

1 Mattress Referral Purchase: $25

2 Mattress Referral Purchases: $50

3 Mattress Referral Purchases: $100

4 Mattress Referral Purchases: $150

5 Mattress Referral Purchases: $300

Students will receive $50 for each additional mattress referral purchase after 5.

Students will receive fliers in class on Tuesday discussing details that you can pass out to all your friends, families and neighbors. The mattresses are high quality, name brand and discounted because they are not being sold within a store front.

February Schedule for Jazz Band and 8th Grade Concert Band

February 17 -- Jazz Band Rehearsal

February 18 -- 8th Grade Band Rehearsal 2:40 - 4PM

February 19 -- 8th Grade Band Rehearsal 2:40 - 4PM

February 20 -- UCM Jazz Band Festival

February 22 -- 8th Grade Band Concert, 7PM RPEMS Gym

February 23 -- Jazz Band Rehearsal

February 24 -- Jazz Band Rehearsal

February 25 -- Jazz Band Concert, 7PM, RPEMS Gym

February 26 -- NWMSU Jazz Band Festival

February 27 -- 8th Grade Band Festival, Blue Springs HS, Perform at 9:15AM

(Detailed Schedule to Come)

March 2 -- Jazz Band Rehearsal (Last One)

March 4 -- PSU Jazz Band Festival

March 7 -- Chamber Ensembles Begin (Volunteer) (More Details to Come) 2:40-4:00pm

HS Newsletters -- It's Time to Get Signed Up!

Please get signed up for the HS Band Newsletters. It's easy and one of the main ways we communicate with our entire band family. *Please use an email you check regularly.

Go to: www.rpbands.com/highschool

Enter your email address.

Press Submit.

Check your email account for a confirmation email and following directions!

You're Done!

Thanks for signing up!

Worlds of Fun Band Festival -- May 7

Currently, I am collecting payment for the Worlds of Fun Trip. Tickets are $37 each and you are welcome to purchase tickets for your families that would like to attend at this price as well. If you are a Season Pass Holder, you are welcome to use that as your way into Worlds of Fun for you and your child. This is a very fun day for kids. More details about performance times to come next week. We perform at 8:40AM, but will need to arrive earlier for warm-up and unloading purposes. We will stay for the majority of the day.

HS Band Auditions -- March 29(Blue Day) & 30(White Day)

Students will audition for their placement within the HS band program for Fall of 2016 during class. Students have been practicing during class for this, but will also need to practice at home.

**French Horn students will have music very soon, new audition materials have been ordered and should be in this week.