Weekly Update W4 T2

All the news!

Week 4

      • Jason at PL - Anne in
      • Book Fair Open
      • Contact parents on Merit Certificate recipients
      • Joanna Kwan in today

          • Jason at PL - not replaced

          • Merit Certificates done today please
          • Year 1+2 Athletics (PM)

              • Jason LSL - Dawn in
              • Will at PL
              • Staff Meeting - See details below

              • Deb LSL
              • Assembly - Year 5/6
              • Book Fair Open

              Global Challenge

              I have 6 staff interested in the second team Global Challenge program offered free by the Department. See Jason ASAP to get involved. Only 1 more person needed!

              You get to choose your own team name too!
              Team 1 - Magnificent 7
              Jason, Erica, Anita, Anne, Dawn, Philippa and Susan

              Team 2 - Name TBD
              Robyn, Kerry, Shannan, Molly, Jasmine, Will, ???????????

              Focus 2016 - Health and Well being
              If you would like to be involved in the Global Corporate Challenge we need a team of 7 to be involved. Details are on the website below and also in the Ed-e-Mail #14 on 5 April. It is free for DoE employees. If we can't get a team of 7 we can be added to other small teams or individuals. See Jason if you are interested ASAP as it begins on May 25. This is a great initiative from DoE and is open to all DoE staff.
              Ed-e-mail - http://det.wa.edu.au/edemail/detcms/cms-service/stream/asset/?asset_id=17622478
              Global Challenge Website - https://www.gettheworldmoving.com/portal/25457-13916/department-of-education-western-australia

              Footy Tipping: Be a winner like North Melborune

              Winners are grinners!
              Round 1 - Dawn
              Round 2 - Susan / Anita
              Round 3 - Jason
              Round 4 - Robyn
              Round 5 - Robyn
              Round 6 - David
              Round 7 - Jason

              Staff Meeting - What to Bring

              We will be discussing this video (below) at the staff meeting Thursday. If you have not already had a look please do prior to Thursday PM.

              Please email your NCCD certificate to Jason / Erica before Thursday. The link is below if you need it.


              registration key- wa-govt

              DRAFT Healthy Food and Drink Policy will be sent via Connect. It is located under Policies. Please review this and have any feedback ready for the meeting. Please read carefully as it will really impact how we operate in classrooms as well as other areas involving food at school.

              We will be setting up the Maths Moderation Task this meeting. This will need to be completed and rady for sharing at our week 6 meeting.
              Classroom Observation Strategies: Videos of Practice