cultural differences

Deavion Jefferson, destiny perry , russell mccoy


Cultural differences are the variations in the way of life, beliefs, traditions and laws between different countries, religions, societies and people. Many people see culture as an all encompassing overview of large groups of people. However the word culture can be used to describe the way of life of much smaller groups.

common definition

The most common meaning of culture, as suggested, is that of large groups of people and how their lifestyles and beliefs differ; this is where cultural differences come in. Where we live and what we believe has a great impact on all aspects of our life whether we realise it or not. Some of the differences between cultures are enforced by internal rules such as legal age of marriage whereas others just happen through many years of development towards a certain way over another e.g. Eating with knives and forks.


Clothing - Many cultures can be identified by their clothing. For example, Sikh men who wear turbans.

- Food - Some cultures are not allowed to eat pork. Most cultures have traditional dishes. For example, in the UK they eat a Sunday roast and Full English Breakfast.

- Language - Different countries tend to have their own language and methods of communication. However, there are also sub cultural differences, such as regional accents or sign language.

- Rules/ Laws - Cultures can often be recognised by the regulations they have to live by. However, lesser known rules can prove problematic. For example, tourists unaware of local custom may be arrested for inappropriate behavior.