Weird Animals in the World

By:Sonia Cabral

Sea Pigs

"Sea pigs live on, or just underneath, the bottom of the ocean and feed on the mud of the seafloor. Scientists have not yet worked out how they are such a successful deep sea creature".

Many more STRANGE Animals in the World


"The blobfish is a gelatinous mass with a density slightest than that of the water it occupies. This helps it maintain buoyancy. Hovering just above the seafloor, the blobfish gobbles edible matter that floats past it".

Yeti Crab

"Discovered I 2005 in the South Pacific Ocean, this creature was dubbled the "yeti lobster" or "yeti crab". It lives at a depth of 2,200 meters on hydrothermal vents along the Pacific - Atlantic.