Manifest Destiny and Immigration

Miranda Thomas and Jade Paz

Manifest Destiny & People's Attitudes

The old and new immigrants were young, mostly male, Catholic and Jewish, who spoke little to no English. Nearly 46 million people left their homelands seeking a new country. In the 19th century from 1880-1924 23 million people immigrated to America. This ultimately led to the largest mass movement in history.

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Indian Removal Policy

In the early 1800's America's population grew and expanded rapidly. Many white settlers felt that the native Americans were blocking their progress. As a result; president Jackson placed the Indian removed act in 1814 forcing all tribes to leave their territory and pushed them all to Oklahoma.
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Transcontinental Railroad

I'm 1862, the pacific railroad act was passed where the central pacific and the Union Pacific railroad companies join together to build a transcontinental railroad that will go from east to west and meet in promontory Utah on May 10, 1869. The reason the railroad was made was because this made shipping goods much easier to maneuver.
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Economic Decline Begins in Europe

Europe faced a great difficulty when it came to money which brought a lot of problems in businesses, farming, and so on to earn money to pay for their families. On the other hand, America, a new nation was introduced and because of the many opportunities and new "restarts" America has offered ( better jobs, money, land etc.) Europeans (mostly male due to lack of money in most cases) took a spark of interest in traveling to America to achieve whatever it is they wanted to do that they couldn't do in Europe then.
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The Lure of Life in America

Before 1880 the Northwestern immigrants, and after 1880 the Eastern and Southern immigrants had seen Advertisements of life in America, with America being was being shown as a magical land with “golden the sidewalks” and “lollipops an every corner. America was the dream land that was seemingly perfect and more advanced than Europe. This was during the 19th century. There were many reasons why America was a highly desired location to live in. Eastern Europe Jews, for an example, could not move “beyond the pale”. They were stripped of their legal rights, no school, no land ownership, no renting. 2 million Jews (⅓ of Europe’s population) came to the America. People wanted a new way of life where they could actually gain money and rise in the economy.

On the negative side of things, going to the USA was extremely expensive. The cost being 65-100 dollars, was most people’s life savings and there was no guarantee that they would not send you back to Europe once you arrived due to sickness and diseases. Furthermore getting from interior lands to coastal port cities was difficult and costly. Going to America was an overall a risky decision but the poor conditions they faced in their home country pushed the majority of people to hop on the boat to start a new journey.

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