The Mongols

World HIstory

Profile of Genghis Khan and his sons (who they are and their achievements)

  • Genghis Khan was a strong ruler and his achievements are set up a capital city at Karakorum.

  • Each of his sons ruled a territory of Genghis Khan’s empire.

Decline of Mongol Dynasty

  • The son of a peasant, put together an army, ended the Mongol dynasty and set up a new dynasty, the Ming.

Religion & Government (Explain the relationship between each of the following belief structures and their role in government)

  • Buddhism-China,

  • Daoism-

  • Neo-Confucianism-

Golden Age (famous elements)

  • Poetry- Li Bo and Du Fu were two of the most popular poets during the Tang era.

  • Painting & Ceramics-Tang artisans perfected the making of porcelain a ceramic made of fine clay baked at very high temperatures.

Summarize a day in Genghis Khan's army (p. 276-277)

Everybody had a part in Genghis Khan’s army Children were taught how to fight or cook, depending on gender, Men were expected to be expert horsemen, archers, and fighters, women collected arrows and killed wounded enemy soldiers.