From the Negotiations Table

May 4, 2015

In an effort to keep Lawrence Education Association members up-to-date on happenings at the negotiations table, we are re-activating the "From the Negotiations Table" newsletter. We promise to keep in short and sweet so you know what items effect you most.

Discussion Items

Main Topic: Additional Elementary Plan Time

SUMMARY: In short, each classroom teacher would receive an ADDITIONAL 45 minutes of plan time each week. The extra plan time would come from 45 minutes LESS collaboration time each week. In the district plan, developed by the Teaching and Learning department, Library Media Specialists would provide less clerical support and more instructional support [job description provided by district negotiators].

District administration presented a [sample schedule] to demonstrate what next year's schedule could look like, though each principal would come up with their own schedule based on the needs of their building.

Key points to consider...

  1. District negotiators suggested, but made no guarantees, that additional Library Media Assistants could be hired depending on budgets, staffing and individual building needs.
  2. The sample schedule provide by the district provides limited transition time between classes for specials teachers.
  3. The sample schedule has a few errors that once corrected, creates some doubt in how the proposed schedule would work without lengthening the school day.
  4. Trading out collaboration time for plan time would result in simply transferring what is normally accomplished during collaboration to the newly created "plan time."
  5. The proposed schedule would increase the amount of plan time provided outside of student contact time. (i.e. before or after school plan time)

What's next...

Both sides of the table came to the conclusion that there are many more questions to be answered before we can move forward. A "Study Session" is scheduled for Monday, May 11. LEA is reaching out to LMS and specials teachers from each of the effected areas to attend. The plan is for district personnel to be present to answer specific questions/ concerns about the proposed schedule.

Attendance: ~45 audience members

Action Items

What do YOU think?

Share your responses to items presented at the negotiations table directly with your LEA Negotiations Team members via email: David Reber (chair), Jeff Plinsky, Chris Cobb, Elizabeth Gabel, Stephne Bowen and Catherine Glidewell.

Click on the links below in the "LEA Negotiations Team" section to access each team member's email address.

NOTE: LEA negotiators volunteer their time to serve our members. The goal of the negotiations team is to advocate for a master agreement that benefits all LEA members. For the process of negotiations to work best for our members we need to maintain our professionalism when advocating for ourselves and our peers.

Attend the NEXT Negotiations meeting

Monday, May 18th, 5pm

110 McDonald Dr

Lawrence, KS

For those unfamiliar with Negotiations meetings, the audience does not give input at meetings. However, the number of people who turn out sends a signal to both sides of the negotiations table.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

LEA Negotiations Team

Chair: David Reber, Free State H.S.

Secretary: Stephne Bowen, West M.S.

Chris Cobb, South M.S.

Jeff Plinsky, Lawrence H.S.

Catherine Glidewell, Langston Hughes Ele.

Elizabeth Gabel, Southwest M.S.