ISA Advisory Program 101

Meets weekly for 30 min. in cross grade-level groups.

Purpose of Advisory at ISA

1. To serve as space for cross grade-level interaction and sharing of traditions, norms & values.

2. To serve as another "community" and layer of support for ISA students (in addition to grade-level teaming).

3. To allow all students can be known well by at least one adult in the building.

4. To provide a structure to gather student input and hear students' voices on a variety of school issues.

5. To provide a structure for whole school gatherings (Opening Ceremony, Welcome Ceremonies for Sister Schools, Model United Nations Pep Rally)

To facilitate the service section of their ditigal portfolio.

Teachers, counselors, and administrators serve as students' advisors for all 4 years.

I think the powerful thing is that you have all grade levels. So to hear

some of the upperclassmen tell the freshmen, “You know I felt that

way too my freshmen year,” or “Yeah, I used to do my homework the

night before, but that’s not working. Here are some ideas.” Knowing

that they have a support system with their peers as well—I think it’s


-----Freshman Teacher

SCOPE International School of the Americas: Social Emotional Learning and Social Justice Education

Successes and Lessons Learned

1. "Family" structure within each encourages students to informally share across grade-levels. Students are placed in groups of four with 1 freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior in each group.

2. Intentionally designed process for dialogue and sharing make a difference.

3. Share the purpose of advisory with students.

4. Give students meaningful projects/work.

Overall, advisory at ISA provides a smaller, caring community for students within

the larger school community. It is also a space in which ISA gives students multiple

opportunities to learn and practice the skills of social emotional learning and social

justice education. In so doing, the small community of advisory serves as a springboard

for students as they engage in wider circles of community.

SCOPE International School of the Americas: Social Emotional Learning and Social Justice Education