Internet Safety

Keep yourself protected

Strong Passwords

Make sure you use good passwords! Passwords like 123456 or dog wouldn't be a good password. Try to use capital letters and symbols(if they'll let you), and make it something different that you would be able to remember maybe something out of the ordinary and funny that you would remember. Like PurPleBAnANaS95.

Identity Theft

Be careful who you give personal information to. It could be someone just waiting to buy stuff with your money. Never give out parents credit card numbers or bank accounts without their permission otherwise they could be in for a big surprise.

Online Safety

Be careful who you talk to anywhere on the internet. Even places like Facebook, clear out your friends list of people you don't talk to or even know. A lot of bad people look on Facebook and want to be your friend so they can see your personal stuff and your friends stuff. And if I were you I would never go in an online chatroom, because they just aren't safe.