Nebraska By: Brielle

The Cornhusker State

Welcome to Nebraska

Nebraska became a state on March 1st 1867. Nebraska was the 37th state to become a state. It's abbreviation is NE. For older phones they make the parts and also for other kinds of phones. Nebraska's state motto is "Equality Before The Law".
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Geography and Land

In Nebraska the land has many odd shaped hills and that is from fossils from animals that lived long ago. There are thousands of lakes and rivers in Nebraska such as the Missouri river, Platte River and Niobrara river. If you go there you can see Scott's Bluff, many plains, and some canyons in the South West. It's 77,355 square miles.


They have many nicknames that come from many different things to do and to see. One of the nicknames is the tree planter state because they have many trees their, the antelope state because the antelope's graze there. They also are called the bug eating state, the black water state because the water is dark, another nickname they have is the beef state. It's main nickname is the the corn-husker state.


In Nebraska the weather is very crazy. In the summer it is very, very hot. Winter is terribly cold and blizzards are so cold they can be deadly. It is always possible for rain to access the area and it can easily flood. Not to scare you but each year about 40 tornadoes come around that area. They have the same four seasons.


In Nebraska they have many jobs they have a lot of ranches and farms, the farms have many animals and grow crops. They have many factories, they have many schools and the classrooms have about 14 kids and one teacher. They have fisherman and many other jobs.

Famous People

Nebraska had many famous people. One of them is Susan Picotte was the first Native American to graduate medical collage. Dick Cheney was the U.S. vise president form Nebraska. Gerald Ford was the 38th president.

Things to do

In Nebraska there are many things to do. In Summer you can go to the Native American Powwow, Stractic air and Space Museum, many state parks, Ash Fall Fossils, Fishing, horse back riding, and Panordam Point is the highest point. You can also go to a wonderful, one of the best collage football game.