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Supporting Our Essential Personnel

Thanks to your generous support, we're already at close to $500 in donations to support our front line personnel. We're currently working to arrange another set of deliveries.

If you'd like to contribute to our Feed the Front Line fund, you can donate here: or via AtoZ Connect (in the store, choose go to the Donations category). You choose how much you'd like to donate. Each time the pool reaches $200, we'll partner with a local establishment to feed our front line workers!

Nominations Open for the BGS PTO Board

Our PTO Board NEEDS You! We know it's a very odd year and the last thing you're thinking of is volunteering. However, if we don't have a PTO Board in place before the end of the school year, we'll be unable to plan the programming you've come to know and love.

Most of our current board is 3rd and 4th grade parents. The ideal situation is that they are available to mentor you into a new role while they're still around and can show you the ropes.

Open positions for the coming 2 years include:

  • 2 Co-Presidents
  • 1 Co-Vice President
  • 2 Co-Corresponding Secretaries
  • 1 Co-Recording Secretary
  • 1 Co-Treasurer

Specific duties for each role are described in our PTO By-Laws on our PTO website. Our nominating committee will be soliciting nominations until May 18. Board elections will be conducted at our May PTO meeting, with specific timing to be updated based on school schedules.

If you'd like to run (or re-run) for one of these open positions or have further questions about what the roles entail, please contact our Nominating Committee via Kelly Schmidt ( or Janine Guasco (

We look forward to you getting more involved!

Sharing On Behalf of District PTO's

Nominations Open for Eisenhower PTO Board

For those of you transitioning to Eisenhower Intermediate next year, we're sharing this announcement on behalf of their PTO.


The Nominating Committee is

Accepting Nominees

For the Eisenhower PTO Executive Board

The following positions are up for election in the 2020-2021 school year:

Co-President (two positions)

Co-Vice President (two positions)

Recording Secretary (one position)

Corresponding Secretary (one position)

Co-Treasurer (two positions)

Webmaster (one position)

The PTO By-Laws are up on the District Website and available for reference here.

A job description for each position is outlined in the file attached below.


Candidates running for the above listed board positions should have attended the majority of PTO meetings and have chaired at least one committee in your respective school(s). If no person is nominated with these qualifications, the PTO Board has the right to waive these requirements.

Once all nominations have been received, a slate will be presented and candidates will be elected by a show of hands or by ballot if there is more than one candidate. For names to appear on the ballot, nominees must be submitted by May 15, 2020. However, nominations will still be accepted up to the night of the election but will appear as “write-in” candidates.

Please note that only paid Eisenhower PTO members are eligible to vote.

If you would like to nominate an individual, including yourself, please contact:

Hiren Khakharia - Nominating Committee

Marisa Cirriani – Nominating Committee

Joe Diskin– School Principal

Stay in Touch

Bradley Gardens PTO

Briana George, Co-President

Kelly Schmidt, Co-President