Smore and Resources I Can Use

Resources on resources on resources galore!

Resource 1. Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing tool that every teacher should utilize. Pinterest is a website that has snapshots and a brief description of a link. If you click on the link it will take you to that site. You can then make boards to organize your pins such as math, geometry, language arts. Pinterest is also an excellent resource for your own benefit that has a lot of DYI ideas and recipes.

Resource 2. Sudoku - Snow World

Sudoku Snow World is a fun game that is great for a math class. This game is basically just sudoku but allows the students to actually use critical thinking skills.

Resource 3. Surfnetkids

Surfnetkids is an excellent website that has all kinds of games organized by subject.

Resource 4. Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers pay teachers is a resource for teachers where you can search for lesson plans based on grade and content. There are lesson plans or even posters available. You can find some free ones, but most are just a small price. Why reinvent the wheel?

Resource 5. Smore

Smore is also an excellent resource for not only teachers, but students as well. You can utilize this website to have the students create interesting projects and it is easy to work!

Resource 6. Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a resource that teachers, students, and parents can all use. There are lesson plans, homework help, and ways to motivate students. All of these are great resources for everyone involved in the classroom.

Resource 7. Learning Today

Learning today is a great website that has interesting and interactive ways for students to learn all different subjects. The students will think they are playing games but they are actually just having fun learning!

Resource 8. Promethean Planet

Promethean Planet is very similar to teachers pay teachers in the fact that there are lots of lesson plan ideas that you can buy and use. It is the largest interactive white board where you can share your ideas with other people.

Resource 9. Transition Tunes

Transition tunes is a soundtrack you can buy that has all kind of transition songs for the classroom. This is a great way to keep your students engaged and excited about being in your classroom. It can also be an effective management strategy.

Resource 10. Google Documents

Google documents is an excellent resource for teachers and students or any busy person who needs to be interactive with others. You can create documents or presentations and everyone can edit them at the same time without being at the same location. This is great for group projects when you can't find a time when you can all meet.

Podcast 1. Poetry Reading Series

This is a podcast that can help your students with poetry and can give you a resource for that lesson.

Podcast 2. StoryNory

StoryNory is a podcast that has a new story every week that you can do lessons on or have students read when they are done with classroom work.

Podcast 3. TechChickTips

A website that has videos if you ever have any tech problem. This is the place to go for any problem you have that you should explore!

Podcast 4. Moving at the Speed of Creativity

This is a great resource that gives you tips on creativity and technology in the 21st century.

Podcast 5. Ecogeeks: Untamed Science Video Podcast

Ecogeeks has science video podcast that gives examples of how to make science fun for the kids. You can use this as a teacher or even show the students as well.


  • Reading
  • multiplication
  • geometry
  • verbs
  • character and setting
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