Crimes Without Punishments

Protect Animals From Abuse by Leah Mousigian

In a violent family, everyone could be a victim, including the family animals.

Imagine this: a small dog sits in a dark, cold garage. His hair is matted and dirty; he is skinny and weak from going days without food. There is no water for him to drink, no person to give him love and no blanket to keep him warm at night. While this might be a hard scenario to imagine, it is not uncommon in America today ("Pathos, Logos, and Ethos"). After three weeks of research, I have discovered three important reasons, out of many, as to why Americans should have harsher punishments for abusing animals; the abusers often become domestically violent, the animals don't deserve the harsh suffering, which, in most cases, leaders to innocent lives being lost.

Abusers Don't Stop At The Animals

Americans who participate in animal abuse should have harsher punishments because abusers usually don't stop at the animals. They often become domestically violent, actually five times as likely ("Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence"). According to the FBI, cruelty to animals is a common trait of serial rapists and murderers, starting out with treating animals like children, killing and torturing them ("98 Important Facts"). You may be thinking, “why doesn't someone just say something? It will end it.” Although, it's not that easy for them. These abusers use the tactics of killing, harming, or threatening to harm the animals to manipulate victims into silence. They destroy the comfort that the animals provide for the family. As a result of this tactic, nearly half of the victims who stay in violent households do so because they are afraid for their animals ("Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence"). These animals didn't do anything to receive this treatment, but they still tend to be the victims.

What Did the Animals Do To Deserve This?

Americans who abuse their animals should have harsher punishments because the animals don't deserve the harsh suffering. In fact, 1,920 cases of animals abuse are reported each year ("Statistic Brain"), with that number still counting because cases are often not even reported. In Ohio, a dog was found dead with a plastic bag taped over his head, more than 30 dead animal bodies were found dumped in New York, a litter of puppies was found starved in North Carolina, a Rottweiler was found beaten to death in California, a dog's leg was cut off with a saw and another was beaten with a large flashlight in Florida, a cat was shot with an arrow in Kentucky, a cat was decapitated in Indiana, live dogs were burned in a fire pit in Texas, and a woman performed surgery on her dog at home in New Jersey. What makes these stories even worse is the fact that they all happened in one week and most of the people got away with no punishment (Neely, Shelby). As for hoarding animals, 250,000 animals fall as a victim each year ("Statistic Brain"). Hoarded animals are commonly deprived of minimal nutrition, sanitation, shelter, exercise, and veterinary care. Deficiency in these standards result in starvation, illness, and death ("Animal Cruelty and Dogfighting").

Sacrificing the Animals' Lives

In result of the undeserved suffering, innocent lives have been lost. 10,000 dogs have reportedly died in illegal dog fighting ("Animal Abuse Is a People Problem"). On top of that, hoarding and manipulation has killed even more innocent lives (Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence") ("Animal Cruelty and Dogfighting"). In Pembroke Pines, Florida, a Pomeranian named Fox was found laying on the porch of a house, curled in a ball, dead with a note at its side. The note read “we beat it to death. LOL. Hahaha!” It was reported that the dog had a dislocated spine, broken ribs, a broken jaw, and more injuries. It is believed that the dog died from being kicked repeatedly. The abuser got away with no charges which resulted in several people calling to give rewards to arrest him, although nothing happened to him still ("Dog Found Dead"). The question still remains; what did the animal do to deserve their life being taken away from them?

So Why Do People Do It?

Americans believe it is not necessary to punish people that abuse animals but they're wrong. These people think animals don't have souls, reason, think, or feel pain like humans do. People also use the excuse that animals kill each other ("98 Important Facts"). For anyone that has gotten an animal before or even has came in contact with one, remember how warm and happy they were when you first met them? They enjoy having people around. Remember when your pet ran to the door to greet you when you got home every day? They missed you. Remember the whimper and yelp they let out if you accidentally stepped on their tail or touched a soft spot? It hurt them. They have feelings and emotions, thoughts, and can feel happiness, sadness, and pain just like a human would. What excuse do people have when they murder someone over anything as simple as looking at them the “wrong way” to just wanting to steal things that the other person had? Just because it is an animal, does not mean they are inferior.

Now knowing this information, more people should agree with me that Americans who abuse their animals should have harsher punishments because abusers often become domestically violent, the animals shouldn't and don't deserve the harsh suffering, which, in most cases, leads to innocent lives being lost. What you can do if you come across an event of animal abuse is spot the signs, support the victims, and report the event ("Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence") ("Report Animal Cruelty"). Everyone deserves a loving, generous, and warm home to live in and animals are no exception. Thank you.