3rd Grade News

Ridgeview Elementary

Week of January 19-22, 2016

Fast Math Tricks and Techniques - Divisibility Tests for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9

What We Are Learning



- Divisibility Rules

- Division Strategies



- Prefixes


- Palindromes

Reading Comprehension

- Point of View


- Expository Essay


- Planets and their Relationship to the Sun

Spelling Words - Prefixes

On Level List

1. misfile

2. misread

3. unfair

4. unwanted

5. recall

6. mistreat

7. recycle

8. precut

9. unhappy

10. undone

11. unload

12. retold

13. presale

14. misnumber

15. preplan

Challenge List

1. unselfish

2. unmistaken

3. reawaken

4. unhappiness

5. preheated

6. restrain

7. mistreated

8. mismatched

9. repayment

10. disrespect

11. revisited

12. remake

13. uncovered

14. misleading

15. dislike

Math & Science Night

It's time for our students to put on their lab coats and start planning their science projects. Save the date and join us at our fabulous Math & Science Night on February 4th!

It's Getting Chilly Out There!

Just a friendly reminder to send your child with a coat every day. The Keller ISD policy for going outside for recess are as follows:

Temperature, Precipitation, Other:

* At or below 40 degrees including wind chill factor, elementary and intermediate students may go outside if clothing allows for proper coverage and protection from the cold.

* At or below 32 degrees including wind chill factor, all elementary and intermediate students stay inside.

* Rain, lightning, sleet, snow, and/or ice, all elementary and intermediate students stay inside.

Important Dates

January 22nd

- 3rd Grade Solar System Projects Due

February 3rd

- Science Fair Projects Due

February 4

-Math and Science Night 5-7:30

February 15

- No School for Students

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