Career Preparedness

"Every Graduate Prepared for College/Career/Life"

Why Do I Need Career Preparedness?

Part of preparing students to be 'College and Career Ready' means that we equip them with the skills and knowledge needed in business and industry, continuing education, and lifelong learning. The Career Preparedness course, now required in Alabama for graduation, focuses on several integrated areas of instruction - academic planning and goal setting, career development, financial literacy and technology.

Freshman Success Course

Making decisions that will affect the rest of your life can be a difficult task. With the Career Preparedness course, students will demonstrate knowledge of a systematic approach to the decision-making process. Students will identify personal areas of interest and aptitude, including utilizing results to develop a four-year educational plan. Students will select a career goal based upon results of personal assessments and inventories. Students will also investigate employee benefits and incentives related to those identified career choices as well as research the post-secondary education requirements needed to obtain this career.

Students will spend a great deal of time learning about financial literacy in this course. They will develop a plan for managing earnings, spending, saving, and budgeting. Students will evaluate various methods for acquiring goods and making major purchases - borrowing, renting, leasing and paying cash. They will determine the advantages and disadvantages of using credit for purchases.

Students will utilize an online learning-management system to engage in collaborative learning projects, discussions, and assessments beyond the traditional classroom that are goal-oriented, focused and inquiry based. Students will explore steps that consumers can take to minimize exposure to identity theft, fraudulent schemes, and unethical business practices. In addition, students will also identify online safety precautions, including data encryption, password strength, and digital citizenship.

Lifelong Impact of Career Preparedness

"Preparing Our Young People for a Bright Future"