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The “facts” behind food marketing campaigns.

Always check labels

You may think that the food you are eating is healthy but that's not always true. On every food package, there is a label with nutrition facts, read it. Always make sure you are calculating the correct nutrition based off the serving size, that is a factor that can be misread

Check for:

Calcium, fiber, iron, and vitamins a and C, are the nutrients to look for, the more the merrier! Watch out for cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat is not good!

Dont fall for fast food advertising!

Many fast food businesses put articulated ads to make people hungry for their food, don't fall for that. Fast food is okay to eat occasionally, but make sure not to pick your meal based off ads. Check the nutrient facts to order wisely.

Beware of energy supplements

All though things such as Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster may put ads that make them seem harmless, they're not. Energy drinks such as that are specifically advertised to teens, making them think its harmless and just another beverage, but its not true. Energy supplemnets actually do more harm to your body than good, so its wise to stay away
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