Flynn Times

Corey Flynn

Aquarius 3rd Quarter MQIT

On Friday February 27th, the Aquarius kids who qualified, for MQIT got together for a little fun in the west gym.

They were having a ballon battle. The point was to pop everyone else's ballon but not yours. You had to have one ballon on your ankle at a time.

Out of the strides Barhkre stride won, which was disappointing. The ballon battle was part of the 3rd quarter MQIT incentive time. The purpose was to reward the kids for their hard work throughout the quarter. This was a fun event for the qualified Aquarius kids.

Corey's Spring Break

This spring break the Flynn family took a vacation to Minnesota. When they were there they skied for three days and then went to the Mall of America in Bloomington Minnesota. The reasoning for this trip was to have some fun skiing and get Corey some more clothes for school.

They got there by driving everywhere. In total they drove about 1,200 miles because the ski hill they went to was Lutsen Mountains it was at was about 50 miles from the Canadian border.

After Minnesota we went to Corey's grandmas and that took another 3 and a half hours. All in all it was a very fun trip but Corey would rather not drive everywhere.

NCAA 2015 Men's National Championship Game

On Monday April 6th, the Wisconsin Badgers and the Duke Blue Devils game together for the 2014 national championship game for division 1 men's basketball. The game took place in Indianapolis Indiana. These two teams fought to the end for the title. Unfortunately the Duke Blue Devils came out on top and won the championship.

They were coached by the great Coach K. It was his 5th title under Duke. Tyus Jones was awarded MVP for the game. The poor Wisconsin Badgers had worked so hard and for many it was their last collegiate game. All in all, both teams played a great game it it was a blast to watch for millions of college sport fans.