50% off or more on Retired Pieces

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Samples! Samples! Samples!

Below are some samples I'm selling at 50% off or more to make room for the NEW SPRING COLLECTION which has arrives! If you see a piece you want to purchase please contact me ASAP as they are first come, first serve. You can pick them up or I will ship anywhere in the US for a flat shipping/handling fee of $5.

As a special treat to all of my valued customers and hostesses: If you see a sample item ($50 and under) that you like and you book a February or March Trunk Show to debut the new line, I'll let you have that piece for FREE as your booking gift the day of your show!! Just contact me, and we'll pick your date! (Have jewelry and will travel!) OR Place an order from my website for $50+ using this link: and take advantage of the January Trunk Show Exclusive offers as well as pick a sample for $50 for free.

*All jewelry listed has been used as display/shown at trunk shows. Freshly cleaned. Contact me with any questions about a piece.

*All sales final.

Happy Shopping!!

XO - Dawn





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Little Girls Collection

Wallets, Bags and Totes

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View of The Getaway Bag Expanded

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Getaway Bags

Travel Companions

Inside view of the Bring It Jewelry Rolls

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Inside View of the Hang On....

Below is what the inside of our Bring It and Hang On look like.

Bring It (left) Hang on (right)

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Tech Cases

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