The Energy Debate

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The Fossil Fuels... and The Renewable resources

Fossil fuel is a good energy source because it makes the fuel for our cars, diesels ,rockets mostly everything that provides fuel in its system . it also is coal , petroleum , natural gas . Found in the earths crust , and also they are created from remains of plants and animals that lived a million years ago in the form of concentrated biomass. Renewable resources is any source , such as wood or solar energy that can or will be replenished naturally in the course of time theres a lot of things that are renewable that we use for good things.

Ways Schools Can Conserve Energy

1.Make sure to turn off lights when no one is in the room

2.Recycle card board materials and water bottles.

3.Turn off all faucets when done using.

4.Close Doors when everyone is inside or when every one is out.

5.You can use a energy monitor.

By:Cameron York

The definition of nonrenewable resource-A resources that cannot be reused-

oil , natural gas , coal, petroleum, propane, EX. these are transported by truck, plane , train and Boat EX. renewable resources are hard to transport-- Also nonrenewable is a source that can not be reused>comes from earth.

Source: Dictionary .com/nonrenewable


RENEWABLE ||Non-Renewable


Wind|||||||| Coal


Solar||||||| Petroleum


Geothermal ||Natural Gas


Hydropower|| Propane



Paige- renewable resources

Renewable resources :They are constantly being made everyday. the technologies featured here will make our families healthier, and more secure. There are prosperous by improving our air quality,reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. wind energy costs about the same as- electricity from new coal- and gas- that fired power plants. Solar energy now powers everything from portable radios to homes, stores and neighborhoods.

Paige- Non-renewable non renewable

Non-renewable: They come out of the the ground as liquids, gases, and solids. Crude oil is the only commercial non-renewable, fuel that is naturally in liquid form. Some of the non- renewable resources are coal, natural gas, propane, nuclear, petroleum.
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Renewed Energy Song
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