Southern Colonies


  • Founded in 1607 by the London Company to find gold
  • Made money by tobacco
  • Royal government
  • Population: 8.326 million
  • Anglican and Baptist
  • Famous Quote in Jamestown: " There was no talk but dig gold , wash gold, refine gold, load gold


  • Founded in 1634 , by Lord Baltimore and other Catholics for religious freedom
  • Made money with tobacco
  • They was a proprietary government
  • Indian tribes
  • Catholics, Anglicans and Baptists
  • The Town Act of 1649 , all Christians where welcome to worship in Maryland
  • Maryland host town meetings.
  • Population: 5.976 million (2014)
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North Carolina

  • Founded in 1653 by the Virginia colonists
  • They made money off of rice and Indigo but mostly Tar
  • Their government was Proprietary
  • 393,751 (1790)
  • Native Tribe: Lumbee, the Haliwa-Saponi and the Coharie live in NC
  • Yes there was conflict between whites and Natives in NC (Tuscarora War)
  • Religious group: Anglican

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  • It was founded by James Oglethorpe in 1635 for relief for poor English and as a buffer between Spanish Florida and The Carolinas.
  • Made money by growing rice
  • The government structure was Royal & Royal Charter
  • 2,381 white and 1,061 blacks
  • Cherokees , Creeks , Seminoles and other tribes
  • Their was conflict between white and the Seminoles
  • Religious group: Anglican
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South Carolina

  • It was founded by supporters of Charles II for farming and trade. It later split into North and South Carolina.
  • Made money by rice, Indgo (dye)
  • Religious group : Anglican
  • Their government structure was Proprietary
  • Population in 2013: 4,774,839
  • Catawba, Pee Dee, Chicora, Edisto and other tribes
  • Yamasse War caused the North and South to spilt