The adventures of Law

Finding the best career opportunity for success

Overview of interest

  • Inspired by my grandmother who is a lawyer.
  • Liked the activity/interest since beginning of middle school
  • I like problem-solving and find the best situation for everyone, working for a common good.
  • Joined Debate team and have gone to a couple of tournaments, getting many wins and few loses.
  • Met new people who enjoy the same interest as me, opening even more opportunities

Most respectable person in interest

My grandmother, she is a lawyer and has helped out many of my family in tough situations. She's very confident in what she does and always keeps it real, never lets the bad times cloud up her judgement or choices. She is very intelligent as well, constantly gather about important information on whatever she's investigating.

Some of the top jobs include...

Guaranteed to be exciting, tense and unique every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a lawyer, what are some requirements in terms of school to be prepared for this career opportunity?
  • Can I do specific courses related to being a lawyer and still potentially apply as a police officer?

Outline for researching a job

1. Find different jobs other than ones listed in poster
  • Look through interviews on Road trip online
  • Ask grandmother for extra opportunities related to her's
2. Use other interests to pursue similar opportunities

3. Take different classes that can link interests together and reveal new opportunities

4. Talk with local law enforcement about the different paths of justice