Indoor Air Pollution & Air Quality

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The EPA, World Heath Organization, and The American Lung Associated all work to find ways to reduce poor air quality, and reduce pollution in homes. Their are many particles in the air we breath that can harm us and it is very important to know how to spot them, and eliminate them from homes.

Indoor Air pollution

Indoor air pollution happens when air pollutants from contaminate the air of indoor areas. Indoor air pollution is horrible, in fact it is the worlds deadliest environmental problem. Studies show that it kills almost 7 million people annually. these deaths are caused by the 2.8 billion people who cook and use heat in their homes. It is said that indoor air pollution for heating with open fires and cooking is equivalent to smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day.
Indoor Air Pollution

Sick building syndrome

when indoor air quality is worse than the outdoor air and cause illnesses? This is called Sick Building syndrome and also to unhealthy or stressful factors in the working environment such as poor ventilation. Sick building syndrome can be very dangerous if not treated properly in a promptly manner.

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Cause and effects of indoor air pollution

It is estimated we spend 90% of our lives inside or homes and walls. We track a lot of chemicals and particles into our homes without even realizing. Indoor air pollution can be caused by:

  • Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide;
  • Animal dander, dust, dust mites, mildew and mold spores;
  • Formaldehyde, pesticides and heavy metal vapors like lead and mercury found in common household products;
  • Mycotoxins, asbestos and radon;

Some serious health problem can be a result of poor indoor air quality including tuberculosis, allergic reactions, Legionnaire’s disease along with many others.

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ways to reduce indoor air pollution

1.No smoking! Cigarette smoke contains almost 4,000 chemicals. Smoking in the house is one of the biggest ways of indoor air pollution.

2.Keep the floors in your house clean. We travel a lot of chemicals on the bottom of our shoes that we don't realize

3. Keep a healthy level of humidity.

4. Don't just spray odors, get them out of the house.

5.Last but not least, ventilate. cooking, cleaning, polishing nails whatever , they all release chemicals into the air. Use fans and open windows to allow fresh air to come and bad air to leave.

Indoor Air Quality

This video explains how humans live affects the air that breath and also touches on what causes indoor air pollution.
New Science: Indoor Air Quality
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