Spirit-filled Synergy

As we begin our journey with the Leader In Me process, we will be sharing with you so that you can enter into the process. Many of you are already familiar with Stephen Covey’s "Seven Habits of Highly Successful People" which is the framework for the Leader In Me process. Last week we had our last football game of the season. Volleyball and Cross Country are moving to the final weeks of their season. I would like to express my gratitude to the coaches who have journeyed with our students over these months. If you have been to any of these events you have had the opportunity to see some of our values in action. Our mission is "bringing the presence of Christ to others." I have seen this witnessed by our coaches as they inspire and encourage our students. They have given of their time and talent to help our young people learn the value of setting and accomplishing goals. But there is an even more incredible experience involved. They have helped our young students experience being part of a team. Our students are experiencing the value of honoring each other’s gifts, depending on each other and encouraging each other. One of the great values of being part of the team is it can give students the experience of being part of something that is greater than any single individual. This experience is a reflection of synergy. It is also an analogy of the great tradition of our Church, the Body of Christ. When we selflessly share our gift in the service of others, we make the presence of Christ more visible in our community. I see moments of this in our students. Cross-country team members who cross the finish line first, go back and run with the students who are still in the race to encourage them. It is a reminder that it is about the WE, not the individual. I see it on the sidelines of the football field when teammates encourage each other and at the volleyball games where teammates are working together complimenting each other’s gifts and encouraging one another. I think our students are teaching us. Watch and see. They realize how fulfilling it is to be positive and be a team builder. I pray that we will also model for them the same reflection of being the presence of Christ. This is the highest form of synergy - being open to the Spirit who calls us to be Christ to each other by working, praying, playing, and growing together in service of Christ in all. Spirit-filled Synergy—HOPE.

Donna Lemaire