Ripon Cathedral School

Vision Feedback - Developing a vision for the future

Vision Feedback

Over the last half term we have been gathering the views of parents, carers, staff, governors and children about the school.

All the feedback received has been drawn together and reviewed to help leaders and governors to formulate a new vision that will underpin the school's work in the future.

We wanted to share the responses with you so that you can have an understanding of the views of stakeholders. The positive responses have really been appreciated and we value the support that we receive from everybody who is in some way connected with Ripon Cathedral School.

Feedback from Parents and Carers

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Parent and Carer 'Wordle'

The 'wordle' was created from all the responses from parents and carers. Kindness, love and respect were the most common words, reflecting the school's current vision to love ourselves and each other.

Feedback from the Children

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Children's 'Wordle' and Views

When asked about the values that are most important in our school, the children gave a wide range of responses. Many children chose the Christian values that we have been looking at recently - including, justice, perseverance, compassion and respect. However, across all year groups, love was a value that was mentioned by many children and was seen as a key value that helps us to live meaningful, happy lives.

We asked the children the question, 'What makes our school special?' The responses were very varied. It is clear that children enjoy the breadth of experience and opportunities that the school offers. We have collated some of the responses to give an overview of the many areas that children identified (see below).

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Feedback From Staff

We asked staff to consider what our intent is as a school. They came up with some very thoughtful responses about our role in supporting children to be the best they can be.

Next Steps

We have used all the information along with advice from the Diocese to formulate a new draft vision document which we will be sharing with everyone shortly after Easter. A big thank you for all the feedback given, we do really appreciate and value the comments and views of everyone connected with the school and will continue to endeavour to ensure that the school builds on its success and thrives.