O'Donnell Mining

By: Tyler O'Donnell

Surface Mining

Our company mines around the world at many different surface mines. Surface mining is where a company goes out and digs above the ground and never goes below the ground. O'Donnell Mining uses three different methods of surface mining. We strip mine, open-pit mine, and mountain top removal. All of these methods are very efficient and bring the company a lot of profit. Open pit mining is when a company will take large excavators and remove layer after layer until they reach the ore they are looking for. Mountaintop removal is the process in which companies will remove the entire peak of a mountain. Strip mining is the process in which companies will remove layers of earth to obtain precious ores. Our company works as hard as we can to help the environment. But with the rising need for energy we have to continue mining. In mining trees are cut down and many CO2 emissions are given off due to the large machinery.

Our mines


O'Donnell Mining has many different drilling plants around the world. We drill on the land and in the ocean, on oil rigs. Ocean drilling has been going on since 1894 the first offshore drill was done off of the coast of California, it was drilled by Henry Williams. The first land drill was completed on August 28, 1859. The man who founded the project was Edwin L. Drake. The drill was constructed at a site on Oil Creek near Titusville, Pennsylvania. Many of the challenges of drilling is the intense heat that the drill bit will get to, and the depth that the oil is found. There are many environmental concerns of both land and ocean drilling. In land drilling the most major environmental concern is if the precious oil leeks into an aquifer. The main environmental concern of ocean drilling is a leakage of the oil into the ocean.


O'Donnell Mining also does fracking, fracking is the process in which a company will force water down into the ground which causes for the natural gas to be forced up due to the gas being less dense than water. The environmental concerns of fracking is if the natural gas leaks into an aquifer.