Does Brutus Really Love Rome?

Brutus does the unspeakable to save Rome

Julius Caesar Murdered

The ruler of Rome, Julius Caesar was stabbed and killed. Brutus, who claims to be a friend, stabbed Caesar in hopes to save Rome. Brutus claims that Caesar is too powerful and will soon become the downfall of Rome. The citizens of Rome are furious over the death of their leader yet will they be convinced that it was a good thing?

Does Brutus Really Love Rome?

Brutus' Excuse

After the tragic death of Julius Caesar, former leader of Rome, Brutus makes an effort to explain his actions. At Caesars funeral, Brutus gives his speech explaining that he murdered his "friend" Julius Caesar in the best interest of Rome. With an effort to be convincing, he says he killed Caesar not because he didn't like him, but that Caeser was "ambitious" and wouldn't be in Romes' best interest to continue to be lead by him.