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There might be times when you look at something online and then later on you see it on Facebook or Twitter.Sometimes there are links saying you won a brand new Iphone 6+.They end up saying you have to put your credit card number.They might be tricking you so they can get your bank info.When you see pop-up ads like that what you want to do is ignore it.If you use Facebook and you get a friend request from someone you do not know,you might not want to accept them.

  • Do not accept people you don't know
  • Make your password long but easy for YOU to remember
  • Do not just use one password for all your accounts
Many people will try to frame you.There might be a time where there is a "congratulations you won an Iphone 6 Click here to claim your prize".When it says that ignore it its a fake because in the end they will ask u for your credit card info.

This video below is a fake no one will ever give you an iphone 6 for free.

So please please be careful and IGNORE THE POPUPS!

Congratulations, You've Won!