The Boy Who Saved Baseball

By Timothy Kreun

The Theme of the Story

Never give up, never surrender.

Cruz del la Cruz

Cruz del la Cruz is a big part of the story because he taught the teammates lots of techniques. He taught Tom a pitch that was hard to hit and had everybody play the really cool HtSim game had that had made the players a lot better.

Tom Gallagher

Tom Gallagher grew as a person during the story. He is more confident now and also is not a shy boy anymore because he found his inner voice and learned to speak up for himself.

The Climax of the Story

The climax of the story was the big game. At the end of the game Tom hit the ball straight up as high as the skies! Different people tried to catch the ball. Since there was so many people the ball bounced of and nobody caught it. Then the game was over. The Dillontown Wildcats had won!

My Hero

My hero is my dad. He is my hero because he was the one who taught me a lot of things. He taught me how to hunt and fish and because of him I love to hunt and fish now. another reason he is my hero is because he is always there for me. If i need to talk to him about something he always listens. That is why my dad is my hero.