Ms. Mary's Class

Class 2C at the Elementary School, ASD, Doha.

Week 22, February 11th, 2016

Dear Parents,

Today we welcomed the American & British Academy of Oman to the MEASAC Basketball competition being hosted by ASD. 2C has partnered with ABA to welcome them and support them throughout the day.

New units begin in Reading and in Writing next week, amidst the excitement of READ week, Dhow & Souq Field Trip (please sign and return permission letters), Musical Rehearsals, Valentine's Party & our PD visitor, Matt Glover who will be working with us teachers through the week. If that is not enough, see below for details of the Art Makerspaces in Doha coming up soon.

Never a dull moment at ASD!

Kind Regards,

Mary Mulqueen

Some of the READ week activities....

Monday February 15 - Thursday February 18

Elementary Used Book Sale

Location: Small Breezeway Between the Library and Music Rooms

Time: 7:40-8:00 AM, Morning and Lunch Recess and 2:45-3:30 PM

Wednesday February 17

Dress As Your Favorite Book Character Day (Lower Elementary Students Only)

Upcoming Events...

14 February - 18 February Read Week

14 February - Class Valentine Party

14 February - Dress as what you love day

15 February - 18 February Elementary Used Book Sale outside the elementary library - before and after school

17 February - Dress as your favorite book character day (Lower elementary students only)

17 & 18 February - Dhow and Souk Field Trips

23 February - Grade 2 Musical Time: 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM (please be seated by 11:25) Location: ASD Theater.

26 February Friendship Festival

Subject Updates

  • Math: We have really continued to consolidate our addition and subtraction strategies this week, through rigorous practice and close attention to the mistakes we sometimes made. We have been examining our partner’s work and the work of others in order to understand all the strategies better. We have a bagful of strategies to choose from now!
  • Reading: This week we explored how characters change throughout the story and what a character says or does to show us their feelings and how they may have changed. In particular we were keen to see how mentor authors used the actions and thoughts of their characters to show us how they were feeling or had changed feelings.
  • Writing: We then applied this to our writing where we took a ‘telling’ part and changed it into a ‘showing’ part, portraying feelings, thoughts and actions, as we did final revisions to our realistic fiction stories. In the editing stage we paid particular attention to how we decided if there should be a period or not and when is it one sentence or two. We will publish and celebrate our successes in this unit at the start of next week.
  • Social Studies: We began the unit on Qatar by exploring the life of a pearl diver and writing journal entries that told of the equipment used, the other people involved and the economics of the industry. By week's end we were looking at how Qatar has changed since the discovery, and more precisely, the sale of oil and gas. Further journal entries next week will detail a day in the life of a chosen oil rig worker. Lively discussion followed these explorations, with children realising why their families had come to Qatar and how their parents' jobs fit into the overall economy.

Lower Elementary Math Parent Drop-in

Our Math Coordinator, Mrs. Carol Little will be holding a Lower Elementary parent drop in / office hour every Wednesday from 2:00 – 3:00pm. Mrs. Little will be available at this time every week to assist parents who need further information about our Math program or who would like help / suggestions with how to support their children at home. It will be held in Ms. Mindy Martin’s office.

How would you show, not tell, what emotion a character is feeling?

IXL practice for this Math unit

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The Art Makerspace, at Aaquoi Atrium, Recreation Centre, Education Centre, Thursday, 25th February, 4-6pm

Contact: Nagham Maria Yassin

Library Community Relations Specialist

Tel: +974 4454 7365

Fax: +974 4454 0401

PO Box: 5825, Doha - Qatar



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Additional Informatoin...

Important Information from the LES Office

Nannies and Drivers are not allowed on campus until 2:45pm daily. If you are sending a driver or nanny to pick up your child throughout the school day for an appointment or other reasons you need to let the Elementary Office know by email. Please email Deb Fenley and Swati Korpal the following information: Who will be picking up your child, what time they will pick up and the reason for picking the child up and family ID Number which is located on your ID badge.

Gate 5 Entry Update

  • After 8:00am parents can enter through Gate 5 on days when there are Principal Coffee Mornings, Counsellors Coffee or Workshops and Let’s Do Math Workshops.

  • Parents picking up sick students can enter through Gate 5, the ES Nurses will leave the parents name with the Guard House for easy and quick access.

Friendship Festival T-Shirt Orders

Remember to please bring in your Friendship Festival T-Shirt orders by Sunday January 31st. T-Shirts will be sold at Gate 5 and Gate 8 the week of February 21st - 25th. This year's Friendship Festival T-Shirt gives you free entrance to this year's Friendship Festival which will be on February 26th.

National Foreign Language Week, March 7 – 13, 2016 (All the World language team and classes)

  • Pass it forward: world language students will teach the community a word they have learned

  • Selected students will say hello in different languages each day over the intercom
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Hour of Code - learning to code / program

Go to to find out about Hour Of Code, then ask your child what they have learned already. For those students who are interested, I am offering guided lessons in coding during our Explore time for the next few weeks. Many students wanted to continue the coding activity at home, so please help them with accessing the following, appropriate tutorials...

New Entry to Campus Procedures

Starting January 17th, 2016 there will be some changes for students and parents entering the ASD Campus​ supporting student safety.​ ​All students will be required to scan their Dragon Wristband entering and exiting the campus. It is recommended that you remind your child to wear their wristband daily. Replacement Dragon bands may be purchased at the front desk of the Administrative entrance for 50 qr. Wristbands will be distributed to Lower Elementary Students next week by their teachers. Your child's dragon band will be labeled with their name on a key tag. We kindly ask parents to keep this label on the wrist band for easy identification.

Parents and domestic staff will not be permitted through Gate 5 for morning drop off.​ ​Students​ may enter through Gate 5 using their wristbands and teachers will be there to supervise starting at 7:40 am. Parents wishing to accompany their children to classes are asked to enter through Gates 8 & 10. ​

Pick-up procedures will remain the same, parents will be able to enter and exit the campus through Gate 5 from 2:45 - 4:15 PM. Pick up procedures for PACT Tuesdays and our Pre-K Students will also remain the same, parents will be able to enter through Gate 5 at 12:15 PM. We kindly ask parents and guests to enter through Gate 8 during the school day. We thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we work to keep our school safe and continue the improvements to the ASD campus.

ASD 2016 Calendars FOR SALE! ​

The 2016 ASD Calendars will be for sale in the Elementary Office starting Sunday December 6th. These make great gifts for friends and family, get yours today!

Tuesday After School Activity Pick Up

Parents picking up students from After School Activities on Tuesdays should enter through Gate 8. A kind reminder to all parents to bring and display your ASD Dragon Card at all times while on campus.

Playground Reminders

Students are not allowed on the playground equipment at Gate 5 until after 3:15 PM. Children MUST be supervised by an adult at all times. Adults must be present on the playground and be able to see your child(ren). If children are left unsupervised they will be asked to leave the playground immediately for safety reasons.

Nut Allergies

There are students in your child’s class who have nut allergies. A child with nut allergy can develop mild or severe reactions if they come in contact with the said allergen. Please take note of the following measures:

· Please be considerate of your child’s classmates when sending in snacks (avoid sending any nuts or nut products)
· Children should be encouraged to wash their hands before and after lunch, prior to returning to the classroom to avoid any cross-contamination.
· For any special occasions, please be reminded that any food brought in to the class should be nut free.

Please contact the nurse office or your homeroom teacher if you have any questions or concern. Thank you for your cooperation
Raz Kids

So many more reading resources here. Class name username is mmulqueen2, no password is required.

BrainPop Jnr

Userame is ASDOHA. Password is Dragons. Great Science videos here

Explain Everything movies

Explain Everything movies made to show the arrow way and place value tile/chip model strategies