The Mediterranean Sea

By: Jake Michaletz

Location and size

The Mediterranean is located at the top of Africa, and is rite under Italy, Greece, and Turky. It is 965,300 square miles, and has a maximum depth of 16,896 feet deep.
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Physical Characteristics

Marine life- The Mediterranean holds 18 percent of all described marine species, of wich 25-30 percent are found no where else in the world.

Vegetation and water type- About 25,000 terrestrial and aquatic live in and around the mediterranean. And the water is salt water.

Weather and climate- Mediterranean climate is very mild. It only has two seasonse, summer and winter. even the winter mild. There are very few places that experience snow with the mediterranean climate.

Human Characteristics

The Mediterranean is home to many different languages. English, Greek, Albanian, and Turkish are the main languages.

There are also many different religions. Religions include Hebrew, Jewish, Zoroastrian, early Christian, Greek, Roman, and Islamic.

There is also a few economic activities, such as making sea salt by evaporating the salt water, and selling it as a spice. The Mediterranean has a market economy, and a population of 466 million, which is distributed (81 million) in turkey, Egypt (72 million), France (62 million), and Italy (60 million) .

Natural Resources

Since the early 1980s, interest has grown in petroleum and natural gas exploration and production in the Mediterranean. Offshore wells produce a significant proportion of the oil and gas output of bordering countries. Italy, Libya, Egypt, and Algeria are the largest producers.

Modifications to the environment

The Mediterranean sea's temperature has increased by almost 1 degree Celsius since the 1980s, and sea surface temperatures are expected to be about 2.5 degree Celsius by 2100.