Wanda Gray Newsletter

March 2019

Important Dates

4 - Texas Roadhouse

7 - End of 3rd Quarter

8-15 - Spring Break

25-April 1 - Major Saver Fundraiser for Springfield PTA and Gray

Notes by Mrs. Carder

Let's hope spring gets here soon! This winter seems to have gone on way too long! We have been unable to get outside as much as we like and there has been a lot of sickness! Hopefully we are healthy and enjoying the outdoors soon!

We are stressing to the students about the need to FINISH strong! It is vitally important to finish strong to show what we have learned on end of year assessments - MAP and iReady as well as keep our attendance above 96%. We have worked hard all year and want our kids to shine in all areas of performance for the last quarter. Please partner with us to make that happen for our kids.

There has been complaints about double parking during dismissal - this causes issues. Please go through the car line or find parking that doesn't block the car lines or parked cars to walk up and get your child THE SAFEST WAY TO GET YOUR CHILD IS THE CAR LINE OR BUS. The parking lot is not safe to walk on with all the movement of vehicles.

The weeks of April 22 and April 29 are crucial for 3rd and 4th graders! We want the kids to be well rested and ready for the MAP. Mark your calendars if you have a 3rd or 4th grader.

Best Attendance from Last Month

During February the classes with the best attendance were:

1st - Hamm

2nd - Tappmeyer

3rd - Conroy

The building average was 95% which is below are building goal of 96%. Sickness has hit us hard. Hopefully we are on the mend:) We were in 5th place for the district and our goal each month is to be in the top 3.

We had only 20 with perfect attendance for 3rd quarter - let's hope for many more for 4th quarter!

Leaders of the Month

Students chosen for Leaders of the Month can be found HERE! (Click the link)

These students are recognized by their peers at the celebration assembly, receive a star student dog tag, and a letter is sent home to their parents. Congratulations!

Teacher and Staff of the Month

Congratulations to Megan Bryant on being teacher of the month! It has been fun to read and receive input from you to honor one another. Megan makes learning fun each day for her students and she goes above and beyond to assist where she can each day. She shows a heart for kids daily!

Congratulations to Melissa Cheek on being the staff of the month. Melissa works hard with her students on their goals each week and is very organized. She is truly a team player and supports our school in so many ways, Happy she's on the Gray Team!