Ms. Daly's Grade 5/6 Class

May Newsletter

What's Happening Now

The first week of May is Catholic Education Week. There are plenty of activities going on during the week. On Wednesday, May 4 we will be having a Community Night/Open House from 5 pm to 7 pm. There will be a Talent Show beginning at 5:30 in the Gym. There will also be an Art Gallery throughout the main floor of student art work. Lastly, a variety of community agencies will be setting up displays to present information about programming and services they offer our community.

Students will continue with the Zumba program every Friday morning at 9:40. We missed one class due to illness and 2 more because of PA days. These classes will be made up at the end.

EQAO is coming up for the Grade 6s. Dates will be announced soon. Sample EQAO tests are available for students to bring home and practice. You can also find information at

Here's What We're Working On


We will be focusing on Fractions, Measurement and Transformational Geometry.


We will continue our Daily 5 rounds making sure we check for understanding after we read or have been read to. We will be finishing up Figurative Language and looking briefly at the different forms of writing. We are working on our Amazon Listing Novel Project.

Social Studies

Grade 5s are looking at First Nations and Early European Explorers and Grade 6s are looking at Communities in Canada from Past to Present. Grade 6s will be completing a project on Immigration and Grade 5s will be completing a project on First Nations Spirituality.


We are finishing our unit on Basketball. We will also be participating in weekly zumba classes.


Ms. McGrath will be taking over our Health lessons with the exception of the unit on Created Male and Female.


We are focusing on the theme of Mercy.

Upcoming Events

May 4 Community Night/Art Gallery/Talent Show

May 5 “Griffins Don’t Judge” Event

May 6 PA Day

May 11 OLG Movie Night - Zootopia!

May 13 JUMP ROPE FOR HEART Event day

May 13 Zumba

May 16-20 Social Justice Week - May 17 Free the Children Speaker

May 20 - Zumba

May 23 Victoria Day

May 27 Zumba