Klaus Hurrelmann

By: Sheila G. Brianna B. Ashlin T.

How Theory Relates to Our Class

His theory relates to our class by influencing us students how we are in groups in class that change the way we do things and our changes as we develop.

Impact of the principles on growth and development

The theoretical approach he developed for these research topics does not only influenc sociology but also research projects in the field of pedagogy, psychology, health science, and social medicine

Guiding Principles of Their Theory

His primary theory focuses on the influences in society on the personal development of the people living in the society

- Analyzed the concepts of human development underlying the different sociological & physiological theories of personality development

Used his theory to test on it's effectiveness on teaching in a variety of schools, families, etc.


University of Essen- Ph.D. social and institutional determination of education

- Also attended the Universities of Münster, Freilberg, and Breisgau

-Attended the University of California

Studied sociology, physiology, and education

Country of origin

-Gdynia, Poland

-Born January 10, 1944