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May 2016

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2016-17 Registration is now OPEN!!!

Click HERE for more information

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Reminder about BCWLA Library Books:

Please remember to return any books that were borrowed from the BCWLA Biblioteca (students check out books on Thursday) to Spanish class on the following TUESDAY.
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BCWLA at "Spring Fest"! -- Saturday, May 7th @ 11am-3pm

We will be promoting BCWLA in the community this Saturday, May 7th, with a table at the Spring Fest at Cold Spring Elementary (in the gym). Please encourage families who may be interested in the program to stop by and visit our table from 11am to 3pm!
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Happy Hour Fundraiser

Saturday, May 21st, 5-7pm

18 West State Street

Doylestown, PA

Join us for a fun night out, in support of foreign language education for our elementary school students!

Click HERE to view the online invitation. ***Please share this Evite invitation link with any friends or family who may be interested in attending! We need your help and it's for a great cause!***

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Help needed for last day of class!

We still need parent volunteers to help with food & drinks for the end-of-year celebration at each school on Thursday, June 2nd. Please contact Melissa at infobcwla@gmail.com if you plan to attend the last day of Spanish class and can bring a treat or refreshment for the students and everyone to enjoy!

2016-17 Parent Class Reps

Would you like to become more involved in the BCWLA program? Become a parent class rep! The responsibilities include the following:

* Acts as a liaison between parents and the class teacher.

* Provides an additional link between parents and BCWLA program director.

* Helps keep parents informed about social gatherings and fundraising events.

* Maintains a class contact list (to be used only for school matters).

* Promotes the BCWLA program in the school community and through social media.

Parent class representatives do not help other parents express concerns about their own children. This should be done directly between the parents themselves and the teacher.

If you are interested in becoming a BCWLA parent class rep, please contact Melissa at infobcwla@gmail.com

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Curious about Arctic whales and how to catch a tarantula...

The other day I was watching BBC America's Human Planet series and was captivated to see a group of Inuit mussel-gatherers crawl below the ice in search of food, while other Arctic inhabitants glided in tiny kayaks next to giant narwhals. And I was amazed to learn about children from Venezuela's Piaro tribes, who searched the jungles for tarantulas, which they skillfully caught with only a few sticks and leaves (the trick is to lure the tarantula out from underneath huge logs by shaking a string or wire, then hold it down with the stick and wrap it up in a large leaf). Though I was in my home, I felt like I had traveled thousands of miles far away...

Ever since I was a child, I have been filled with a sense of wonder and curiosity for other people and places. I thank my parents and my teachers for allowing me to travel (whether literally or figuratively) to new places and explore the world. Knowing another language has helped me to fuel this curiosity by making it possible for me to easily adapt in new countries and form friendships with those who I may not have otherwise.

I hope that through the BCWLA program, more children will continue to connect and communicate with one another, forming positive relationships and experiences in this amazing world we live in, letting their curiosity and appreciation for the unknown lead the way.

Please join me in supporting the BCWLA by attending our evening event on Saturday, May 21st! If you are unable to attend, ask a friend or family member to go in your place, or feel free to send a tax-deductible donation. Every bit helps as we try to remain a self-sustaining, non-profit organization, dedicated to cultivating "awareness, curiosity and appreciation for world cultures" (from our mission statement, available HERE). Thank you!

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Students' Creativity Shines!

The BCWLA students had a chance to share their personal interests with their peers, teachers and families through a variety of Spanish presentations on April 14th. It was great to see their creativity shine through in these projects and all the students should be commended for their hard work and ability to present in Spanish in front of an audience! The following list is an example of what was shared at each school:

  • Barclay -- Students created an original play :-)
  • Buckingham -- Shared odes on their favorite things!
  • Cold Spring -- Shared odes on their favorite things & created tri-fold presentations!
  • Kutz -- Most students shared odes on favorite animals (one person even brought in his pet iguana) and one student created a presentation on the planets!
  • Linden -- Shared odes on nature and had a rockin' musical presentation about the seasons!

¡Fantástico trabajo! / Fantastic work!

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BCWLA Crossing Borders: New Pen-Pal Project

After learning the skills necessary to introduce themselves (first year language students) and practicing more detailed writings (second and third year language students), BCWLA classes began a new project this semester to connect and communicate with elementary students in other countries through pen-pal correspondence. Students had the opportunity to write letters of introduction in Spanish, which will be scanned and emailed (for quickest correspondence; next year will also include "snail mail") to students in Spain and Mexico.

World Language Academy teachers and students are excited to see what the responses will be, and what new friendships will be made through the process!

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"Cinco de Mayo: What it is, history and why it's not Mexican Independence Day"

By Leada Gore | lgore@al.com


Cinco de Mayo – celebrated the fifth of May – means Mexican food, drinks and lots of fun this week. But the history of the holiday isn't known to many in America.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War that took place from 1861-1867. Specifically, it marks the day when General Ignacio Zaragoza and a group of 2,000 ill-supplied Mexican soldiers defeated Charles Ferdinand Latrille, Comte de Lorence after French forces attack Puebla de Los Angeles, a small town in east-central Mexico. Five hundred French soldiers were killed in the battle; fewer than 100 Mexican soldiers were killed. The victory became a rallying cry for Mexican forces.

The celebration later spread to California as Mexican immigrants arrived in the state. It grew from there to the rest of the country in the 1940s. In Mexico, it is most often called "El Día de la Batalla de Puebla" or the Day of the Battle of Puebla. Puebla still celebrates the day with a reenactment of the battle.

Today, the holiday is celebrated more in America than Mexico, complete with traditional foods, music and festivals. Many Americans, however, confuse May 5 with Mexican Independence Day though in fact Mexican independence was declared 50 years before the Battle of Puebla. Mexican Independence Day is commemorated on Sept. 16.

The largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the U.S. is held in Los Angeles.

(Photo -below- by Press-Register, Mike Kittrell): Fourth grade P.A.C.E. (Pursuing Academics Through Creativity and Excellence) gifted program students Chance Kimbrough, 10, left with back to camera, and Keith Law, 10, right, perform a Mexican hat dance during a Cinco de Mayo festival at Dunbar Magnet School organized by fourth and fifth grade P.A.C.E. students at the school on Monday, May 5, 2008, in downtown Mobile, Ala.

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El Jarabe Tapatio-The Mexican Hat Dance


Welcome to the Bucks County World Language Academy (BCWLA)! Our Academy is a student-centered, before and after-school offering that promotes the development of foreign language fluency. Children participate in activities which build their vocabulary, speech patterns and communication abilities. As they explore a second language, children cultivate awareness, curiosity, and appreciation for world cultures, which in turn enhances learning in all disciplines. As a result of their participation in the BCWLA, learners gain enrichment opportunities well beyond that of a traditional foreign language program.