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SEPTEMBER 12, 2018


Lifetouch will be taking individual pictures of students and staff on Thursday, September 13. These pictures will be published in the Yearbook and are available for purchase. If you would like to purchase photos, please send the order form and payment to school with your student to give to the photographer. Class group photos are taken in October.


Big Lake Elementary's annual open house to visit your child's classroom and see what they have been learning is Thursday, September 20 from 5:30 - 7PM. This is a come and go event.

Come visit the PTO table and become a member or volunteer for an event. Fall Festival is coming and volunteers are needed.

Federal Programs staff will be here with Information available for parents that qualify for Migrant and/or Alaska-Native/American Indian Education benefits.


Look for the flyer and permission slip coming home next week!! Big Lake PTO is showing a movie Friday, September 21 after school. The permission slip with $3 is due to the office by Thursday, September 20. Students must be picked up by 5:30PM. Snacks are available for purchase. See you at the movies!


Each year, districts and schools are required to provide information to parents as well as opportunities for them to be involved in the educational decisions that affect their children. Distribution of this letter is a requirement under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act detailed under section 1111(h)(6)(A). Please read it below or see it on the school's website at
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Is your student missing a jacket? Please check our Lost & Found, which is by the back entrance to the gym, for their misplaced items. This picture was taken September 12.


Big Lake Elementary students use Chromebooks (laptops). If you have an extra set of headphones to send to school for your student to use and keep in their desk this would be helpful, this way your student has their own pair and doesn’t need to share with other students.


Our Preschool would gladly take preschool bicycles and tricycles that your child has out grown. We would like to expand our fleet of bikes. Thank you for your donation.


Welcome back to school! I hope everyone got to read a bit this summer!

Students have started checking out books. Kindergarten does not take books home for first quarter as we learn how to treat books, use shelf markers, etc. 1st graders will be bringing home a letter next week to be signed and begin bringing their books home. 2nd grade may check out two books, 3rd three books, 4th four books, and 5th graders may check out up to five books, but must be reasonable to finish reading them within 2 weeks.

If your student has missing books from last year please return them as soon as possible. You may also return any books from other schools here and I can send them to their school.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at open house! Mrs. Gamble



If you child has experienced any of the following in the past 24 hours, please keep them home from school to get well:

  • Fever of 100 degrees or higher
  • No vomiting within 24 hours
  • No diarrhea for 24 hours
  • Crusty, bright red and/or discharge around eye
  • Sore throat with fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, pain, hard belly
  • Persistent and/or phlegmy cough
  • Untreated lice (once treated, it's ok to return to school after being check by the nurse)

If you have questions, please call the BLE Nurse at 892.-9705.


Big Lake families:

With a new year of school brings head lice. It is important that you check your children often to make sure they are lice free. Below are some things to help you.

What are the symptoms? Itching of the scalp or neck. You might see little white flecks on the hair which are nits or eggs that will produce the lice. These can be seen attached to the hair right near the scalp, they resemble dandruff but it is impossible to flick them off. To get them off you have to trap them between your fingernails and really thread them down the hair shaft.

How is it spread? With direct contact with the hair of the infected person, sharing combs, hats, brushes, or bedding.

When do symptoms start? One to five days after exposure to infected items or contaminated items.

How do you remove them? Combing hair with a nit comb will pull out the eggs. A regular comb will not work as the teeth are too wide. Treating with a special lice shampoo. Also, rechecking every couple of days to see if more eggs remained and have hatched.

The best Prevention! Is to check your child often when combing or washing their hair.

If you have further questions you can call Nurse Moore at 892-9705 or e-mail her at

All children who have head lice need to check in with the nurse before returning to school to make sure they are cleared to stay.


Cross Country Running district meet is September 26.



Band students that are going to play at the HHS Homecoming game on September 21st should be at the high school football field by 7PM. We are excited to be invited to play with HHS Marching Band!

Choir's first concert is October 23rd at Houston Middle School.

If you would like to receive text notifications for choir and/or band, please let Mrs. Hardman know.



Become a PTO member by September 29 and receive 8 FREE tickets to the upcoming Fall Festival and be entered to win one of two $20 Three Bears gift cards.

Fall Festival needs volunteers. Fall Festival meeting September 17 @ 4PM.

Vendors wanted! Sign up to be a vendor at our 1st annual Holiday Bazaar December 15.

Like us on Facebook: GrizzlyPTO


Welcome to the FY19 school year.

This Big Lake Elementary Newsletter will come via text and email link, plus be available on our webiste every other week. If you would rather receive a paper copy of this newsletter, please email with your student's name and teacher and a newsletter will be printed and delivered to your student to bring home.

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