Computer's and other stuff

by izzy rogers

ipads vs computer

laptops are only have only 5% of laptop sales and ipad sale is 94% which shows that laptops are creasingly being brought.As schools and bussinesses and schools are buying laptops but some people are saying that swapping computers for ipads which mean school waste money on all the computers in the and there spending more money on ipads just to be a fancey school also many have another opinion so students won't know how to write because they will have ipads .

Hard drive

Sometimes hard drives are called "hard disk drive" or for short HDD and HD.

The hard drive is the main storage of the computer so stores all of the data and it was made in 1956.Most of the computer hard drives are "internal drive bay" at the front of the computer and connect to the motherboard.


A motherboard is for short mb ,main board,mobo,mobd,backplane board,base board ect.

Its a printed circuit, that is a fondation of a computer it allows cpu and ram and her is a picture with lables on the motherboard.

Whats a CPU ??

A cpu is the center unit of a computer containing the logic circuitry that orders the computers to do things .

what are RAMs??

It gives you access to memory,its a storge location

This is a chip

what is a chip?

a chip is a small electronic circuit , these are called CPU chips.

ROM (read-only memory)

A ROM is an acronym , it refers to computer memory chips containing permanent or

semi-permanent data.